Veeam Immutable Backup with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Store

Veeam V12 has extended the immutable backup feature to integrate with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Store. By utilizing the new feature StoreOnce introduced “Independent Software Vendor Controlled Data Immutability (ISV-DI)”, Veeam can create immutable backup copies based on give retention or GFS retention.

This is a post to highlight the key points for Veeam and StoreOnce Catalyst Store integration regarding immutable backup.

In high level, there are two main ways to create immutable backup in Catalyst Store by integrating with Veeam jobs.

  1. Directly backup to a Catalyst Store repository with Immutable enabled.
  2. Create Backup Copy job to Catalyst Store without enabled HPE Catalyst Copy, which means the backup copy will be performed from Non-Catalyst Store to Catalyst Store, or the backup copy performed between Catalyst Stores via Veeam gateway server.

Version Requirement

Veeam V12 & StoreOnce Gen4 V4.3.2+

StoreOnce Required Configuration

  • Enable Dual Authorization. (This is to create a security user other than the admin user. The change made by admin user will generate an approval request to security user.)
  • Maximum ISV Controlled Data Retention needs to be set to 365000 in the StoreOnce Catalyst Store setting. (“Server Controlled Data Immutable” can be disabled.)

Veeam Required Configuration:

  • Create an immutable repository by selecting “Make recent backups immutable for selected days.” in repository configuration.
  • Configure the backup job as forward incremental backups in the backup job advanced settings.
  • Enable GFS backup in backup or backup copy job.

Known Main Limitations

  • HPE StoreOnce immutability cannot be used for backup copy jobs with enabled HPE Catalyst Copy. A warning information will show up if an immutable Catalyst Store repository will be configured as a Catalyst Copy target.
  • StoreOnce Cloud Bank does not support immutable backup.

In Veeam V12, HPE Cloud Bank Storage can only as a target for backup copy jobs with enabled HPE Catalyst Copy. Therefore, as per the previous limitation, immutability in HPE Cloud Bank is not supported.

  • StoreOnce Immutable Catalyst Store can still be deleted by StoreOnce administrator from StoreOnce management console.  Therefore, it is still important to secure the StoreOnce admin and security user login credentials.

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