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A Quick Glance of Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) has been in market for a while, but this is the first time I get chance to take a closer look into the GCVE solution. For VMware enthusiast, Google did provide an impressive solution (same as AWS and Azure) to allow the existing on-premise VMware virtual machines to be transparently lift-and-shifted into public cloud environment.

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Replace vCenter certificate with customer issued cert via vSphere Client

For VCSA appliance, if a customer CA-signed certificate is required, there are two ways to generate the CSR and replace the certificate:

  1. VMware Certificate Manager in command; and
  2. Certificate Management in vSphere Client

The 1st option is commonly used and described as in below VMware KB article:


This post is to illustrate the second way by using vSphere Client.

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VMware vRealize Suite Overview

This is a simple post to introduce the VMware vRealize Suite for the first time user as a quick overview. This is a short version of product Overview and the figures in this post are from VMware public documents. The full documents are under below link:



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VMware PowerCLI Version 6.5.2+ Installation – Online/Offline

From VMware PowerCLI version 6.5.2 and above, the .exe installable package is not available from VMware download site. All the PowerCLI modules are available from https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/VMware.PowerCLI.


This post is to highlight the online and offline installation procedure for PowerCLI version 6.5.2 and above.

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