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Backing Up a 10TB SQL Server

I am recently working on an environment need to back up a 10TB SQL server by Networker and Data Domain. By utilizing DDBoost ans saveset “MSSQL:”, the backup job could be done in 13 hours for the daily full backup. This is not the worst result to backup a SQL server in 10TB,  but we still can optimize it with some settings in Networker.

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EMC Networker SQL Flat File Recovery

From EMC Networker Module for Microsoft (NMM) version 9.1, EMC introduces the new feature “SQL Flat File Recovery”, no exciting, but really a helpful feature for the DBA and Backup admin.

Before EMC Networker NMM version 9.1, the MS SQL database only can be recovered to the SQL database, either to the original database or a different database. Since SQL database and Networker are usually managed by different teams, restoring directly to the database increases the internal communication between different teams to get the task done correctly. By introducing “SQL Flat File Recovery”, Networker admin can recover the database flat file to the desired location and DBA can recover the flat file to SQL database after that at any time.

NMM 9.1 can be used with Networker server version 8.2.3 or later with some limitations stated in the administrator guide.

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