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What We Are Talking About When We Talk About Immutable Backup

Immutable backup has become a trending topic in data backup world. Everyone talks about immutability, vendors keep developing new features to support immutability and immutable backup has become a must-have in backup solution today. When we talk about immutable backup, what are we talking about?

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Deploy Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

Veeam backup software family includes a solution to provide the backup capability for Azure virtual machines. As a kind of tradition of Veeam backup solutions, it provides a “Free Edition” to allow 10 VM backup for free. This post is to provide an overview about how to deploy the Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure.

The first impression of this solution is its simplicity. Not only from the backup methodology, but also the deployment and operation.

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Configure Cassandra Backup in Commvault

Commvault supports backing up Cassandra database. Cassandra is a distributed database that can handle large amounts of data on multiple nodes. For Cassandra version 3, Commvault support backup log files as well. This post is to outline the high level steps to configure the Cassandra backup in Commvault.

The below configuration applied to Cassandra version 3 and Commvault version 11.18.

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