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100,000 Yay!

I found my little site has reached a minor milestone, 100,000 views, over years! Yay!

Inspired by Dan’s famous blog PENGUINPUNK (, I started to write technology blog years ago. Thanks Dan!  Since then, the intention of writing articles didn’t change – purely for sharing. Thanks for the internet, except reading and training, a large part of my IT knowledge and skills are built on IT professionals’ experience around the world. Starting to share my experience is the way to join the sharing team. I am proud to do so and believe someone could benefit from my sharing as I did from others’.

As a LAZY writer, I will continue to write. This is a minor achievement, but every step counts!

I am ready to cheer for 200,000 views soon!

A little bit about Gigabyte (GB) and Gibibyte (GiB) in computer storage

I am going to write a little bit about this basic concept in storage: Gigabyte (GB) and Gibibyte (GiB). This is all because of the annoyance between standard and reality.

I can still remember 15 years ago, when I first got in touch with enterprise storage system, the first concept introduced is about the differences between physical disk labelled size and reported size in storage system. No need to calculate, even today, I can still clearly remember a 73GB SAS disk will report 66GB usable capacity in EMC CLARiiON, a large part of this difference is contributed by the difference between GB and GiB.

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PowerShell Script – Veeam – Download Monthly Backup from SBOR Capacity Tier for selected VM

In Veeam backup management, it is supported to offload the GFS backup copy from performance tier repository to capacity tier repository. Normally the capaticyt tier will be configured on object storage (Azure Blob, AWS S3 and etc.) to reduce the storage cost.

However, when retrieve(download) the backup from capacity tier repository, there is only one option to download the backup for entire backup job which mighy includes multiple virtual machines. This short powershell script is crafted to download the monthly GFS bakcup for selected VM.

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A Quick Glance of Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) has been in market for a while, but this is the first time I get chance to take a closer look into the GCVE solution. For VMware enthusiast, Google did provide an impressive solution (same as AWS and Azure) to allow the existing on-premise VMware virtual machines to be transparently lift-and-shifted into public cloud environment.

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Azure Site Recovery: Preview version vs Classic version

Azure Site Recovery is one of the most useful Azure tools to setup the server DR solution between on-promise and Azure. It replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines (VMs) from a primary site (mostly on-promise) to Azure. When an outage occurs at primary site, the on-promise VM can be failed over to Azure and access servers and apps from there.

In August 31, 2021, Azure released a Public Preview of a new Azure Site Recovery version (Preview version). This post is to list the key differences the Preview versions and Classic version for quick readers.

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