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PowerCLI Script – VMware Storage vMotion Automation

I recently got a task to migrate more than 100 VMware virtual machine from one sets of datastores to another. In order to automate this process, I draft a simple PowerShell script to perform below tasks:

  1. Utilize CSV file as the input; and
  2. The maximum running parallel storage vMotion sessions can be controlled by input option, this is to avoid storage overhead and minimize the impact on the other running applications.

The script is as below:

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A Simple Example of EMC Networker Customized Backup Command

Recently I got a task to run a command or script to delete files in a given folder after a success backup. In general, there are two major ways, one way is to use PowerShell script and include Networker backup command, and the other way is to use EMC Networker customized backup command. I chose to use the second way because it is more closely integrated with Networker and easier to manage and monitor.

I follow the steps as below:

  • Step 1: In the client host, create a file save001.bat under c:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr\bin.
  • Step 2: Use txt editor to edit the Save001.bat with the script listed in the following post.
  • Step 3: Login to NMC, in the Backup Command attribute of the Client resource, type the name of the backup script, save001.bat in our case.

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