RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine – vCenter Re-Registration

RecoverPoint for virtual machines (RP4VM) is one of the DELL EMC data protection solutions to provide the VM level protection locally or remotely.

Comparing with the hardware RecoverPoint Appliance, RP4VM utilized virtual RecoverPoint Appliance and provide VM level protection with the data splitters installed on each of the ESXi servers.

RP4VM relies the vCenter to function properly. This post is to provide a quick guide about how to check and update the vCenter registration information in RP4VM.


  1. Locate the vCenter UUID

  • Use browser to launch https://vcenterurl/mob with vCenter administrator privileges.
  • Navigate to Content-> About -> InstanceUuid. (The vCenter uuid is also required for RP4VM license activation.)





  1. Check the RP4VM registered vCenter Information.

  • Login to RP4VM via SSH with user admin.
  • Type command “get_storage” and verify below information.
  • Storage serial number -> vCenter UUID
  • Managed array name -> vCenter hostname



  1. Update the vCenter information in RP4VM

  • For some reasons (for example, vCenter is re-installed or migrated), the vCenter hostname or UUID is changed.  In these cases, the UUID need to be updated in RP4VM.
  • Login to RP4VM via SSH with user admin. Type command “update_storage_registration” to update the vCenter information with the updated information.


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