Change Service Profile Template from initial to updating in Cisco UCS

In Cisco UCS system, one of the important configuration is service profile template type, choosing from “initial template” or “updating template”. Updating service profile template provide the ability to update the binded service profile when template itself is updated.

In some user cases, the service profile template is created as an “initial template” initially. But the user want to change it from “initial” to “updating” at a later stage. Unfortunately, there is no direct conversion option in UCS, this post is to provide an alternative way to achieve this.

In this example, we assume there is initial service profile template named “VMwareTemplateP1” and two service profile “ESXiServer1” and “ESXiServer2” bind to it.


Step 1: Create a new service profile (“TempSP1”) from “VMwareTemplateP1”.



Step 2: Right click service profile “TempSP1”, select “Unbind from the Template”.



Step 3: Right click service profile “TempSP1” again, select “Create a Service Profile Template”. Give the new template a new name like “VMwareTemplateP2” (make sure updating is selected).




Step 4: Now you should have a new updating template “VMwareTemplateP2”, check the template configuration and make sure it is same as “VMwareTemplateP1”.



Step 5: In vCenter, put server ESXiServer1 into Maintenance mode.

Step 6: In UCS, right click service profile “ESXiServer1”, select “Unbind from the Template”.



Step 7: In UCS, right click service profile “ESXiServer1”, select “Bind to a template”. Select the new template “VMwareTemplateP2” and confirm the selection.




Step 8: Now service profile “ESXiServer1” should bind to an updating template now.



Step 9: In vCenter, put server ESXiServer1 out of Maintenance mode.

Step 10: Repeat step 5-9 for service profile “ESXiServer2”.

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