Cisco HyperFlex Useful Command Line

This is a short post to list a few commonly used Cisco HyperFlex command lines in daily operation.


There are two ways to run the Cisco HyperFlex Command Lines:


HyperFlex Connect “Web CLI”

From HyperFlex connect, below users are are supported to issue command line from Web CLI.

  • admin
  • vCenter SSO users with administrator rights (eg. administrator@vsphere.local)

The limitation for Web CLI is, only direct command line is supported. Also, from Web CLI, it does not support pipe the command output to issue grep, more and etc.



SSH Remote Session

From HyperFlex connect, below users are are supported to issue command line from Web CLI.

  • admin
  • root

It is noted that root user will unlock more command, such as “show dns/ntp/mem/fs”


Some Command Lines

Common optional argument

-h –help   show help message for the command

Example: stcli -h


Check cluster version

Stcli cluster version         #This command check the version for each Virtual Controller.



Stcli services dns show
Stcli services NTP show
Stcli services SMTP show
Stcli services timezone show


Check Health Status

Stcli cluster info | grep healthState


Check vCenter registration information

Stcli cluster info | grep vCenter


Reregister vCenter

stcli cluster reregister --vcenter-cluster CLUSTER_NAME --vcenter-datacenter DATACENTER_NAME --vcenter-url vCENTER_IP --vcenter-user administrator@vsphere.local


Smart Callhome Configuration and Check

stcli services sch show
stcli services sch ping


Check Replication Factor

Stcli cluster get-data-replication-factor


Check License Status

Stcli license show all


Email Notification Test

Stcli services asup show
sendasup –t

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