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Nutanix Foundation – “Failed to detect node type”

When using Nutanix Foundation to deploy the cluster on Nutanix nodes, the Foundation process might be failed at 2% with below error:

StandardError: Failed to get BMC session after 3 attempts
20190306 11:07:45 CRITICAL Foundation failed to detect node type at


The root cause is the Nutanix node BMC could not be contacted by Foundation process. The below steps can be used to troubleshoot the issue:

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Run Nutanix Foundation in Windows (Portable Foundation)

Nutanix Foundation is the tool used for Nutanix Field Installation, it could be used in below scenarios:

  1. Configure and create a new Nutanix cluster; and
  2. Re-image the new Nutanix node to expand the existing cluster.

From Foundation version 4.3, there is an option to run Foundation in Windows (which is named portable foundation).

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