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VNX File OE Upgrade Interrupted….

For any work you did, some easy task always turned to be tough if you were not lucky enough. I did a VNX5600 OE for File upgrade recently, while the whole process should be quite easy to follow as below:

  1. Download linux_image_cd1.iso and pkg_x.x.x.xx.tar files.
  2. Launch USM (Unisphere Service Manager) to connect the control station 0 to upgrade the File OE. (The new USM version has solved dual control station upgrade problem.)

The beginning of the process went well (health check and MD5 checksum), then began the upgrade steps. It looked good until …. the Windows 8 on my laptop crashed! When the Window boot back to normal, I restarted the USM and try to continue the upgrade process and got below error:

Can’t upgrade because another upgrade is in progress. ‘upgrade’ is already locked by (xxxx,xxxxxxxxx) and it is currently ‘running’ The upgrade/install lock is taken by another process. Wait for the other upgrade/install to complete.

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