DELL EMC Networker Exchange Directed Restore through Command Line

It is known that DELL EMC Networker performs Exchange database (DAG or Standalone)  restoration through Networker Module for Microsoft (NMM) GUI on the client itself.

However, in some scenarios, directed database restoration is required with urgency. For example, the exchange server is crashed and it is required to restore the database and logs files to another standalone or DAG server.

This post is provide the Exchange database directed restore steps through command line. In general, Networker 8.x and 9.x version has different command, but have same pre-steps:


Step 1. Login to the Networker client server as the database restore target with Networker client and NMM installed.

Step 2. Locate the SSID of the required saveset through below command.

mminfo -avot -q -s -c

Step 3. Locate the backup time (nsavetime) for above SSID through below command.

mminfo -avot -q ssid=1111111111 -r name(50),ssid,savetime,nsavetime

Step 4. Restore the database through below commands:

[Networker version 8.x] nsrsnap_vss_ssrecover -s -c -d " d:\recover " -t 222222222
[Networker version 9.x ] nsrnmmrc -s -c -x d:\recover -t 222222222 "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2013\DB01\\"


For further details, you can reference DELL EMC KB Article number 000457762 and 000489679.

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