Networker NDMP-DSA Backup with Compellent storage

DELL EMC Networker provides a solution to backup NDMP NAS storage to Non-NDMP devices. This post is to outline the key steps of the Networker NDMP-DSA Backup configuration.


Networker NDMP Data Server Agent (NDMP-DSA) is a type of 3-way NDMP backup solution. NDMP-DSA provides more flexibility in the target device selection and support multiplexing to enhance the backup performance. NDMP-DSA supports to use AFTD, Data Domain and Tape library devices as the backup target devices.

In the NDMP-DSA solution, a storage node will be configured as Data Server Agent (DSA) to receive NAS NDMP backup data and write to target device. The NAS backup will be performed as below:

  • The backup data will be sent from NAS to the Networker storage node;
  • The Networker storage node will write data to the tape library/DataDomain.
  • The Networker server processes the file history.
  • After the data backup completes and the sessions with the NDMP Data Server and the Networker server close, the Networker software commits the file history to the client file index that is associated with the NDMP client.



  1. Compellent Configuration
  • Select Cluster Connectivity > Backup > Modify Backup User Password.
    • Modify the password for user “backup_user”
  • Select Cluster Connectivity > Backup > Edit NDMP Configuration.
    • In DMA server hosts, enter the IP address of the Networker server and storage node server.



  1. Networker Client configuration

Follow the Networker client wizard to generate the NAS NDMP backup client. Some key parameters for the Networker client configuration is as below:

  • backup command:  nsrndmp_save -T dump
  • Application Information:
    • BUTYPE=dump
    • DIRECT=Y
    • HIST=Y
    • UPDATE=Y
    • NSR_DSA_NODE=storagenodeserver1.test.local
  • NDMP disable IPV6:  True
  • Parallelism:   4 (MultiPlex for tape)
  • Storage Node:  storagenodeserver1.test.local

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