DELL EMC Networker Host Inventory Failure

This is a short post about one of the common failures in Networker Host Inventory.


In some scenarios, the host inventory might be failed with below error message:

NSRPUSH: Client Push unable to detach from the current operation: No operation is active
Another operation is active -- retry later

This error message indicated that the nsrcpd daemon, which is used to manage Networker client push, is locked.


The solution is as below:

  1. Find and end the nsrcpd daemon from the Task Manager in Networker Server. End_nsrcpd.png
  2. Navigate to the ../nsr/tmp folder and delete below two files: cpdb.lck and nsrcpd.lck.
  3. Restart the nsrcpd daemon by running a manual inventory from the command prompt.
nsrpush –i


Once the nsrcpd daemon is started, the issue should be resolved.

In addition, the daemon log for nsrcpd is located at ../nsr/logs/nsrcpd.raw.

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