DELL EMC Networker Saveset Clone by SSID

When operating DELL EMC Networker environment, in some scenarios, it is required to clone a few selected saveset to target devices. In general, there are two ways to perform this:

  1. Create a clone group with some filters, this is normally for scheduled clone; and
  2. Use nsrclone command line.

This post provides an example to perform the Networker saveset clone by SSID through commands.

Below diagram illustrates an example to clone a saveset from backup pool to clone pool. The SSID of the saveset can be queried by Networker Management Console or Networker command mminfo.


The Networker command to perform the saveset clone by SSID is as below:

nsrclone -b CLPool01 -J -d –S 2323232323/4545454545 -y 31/12/2018

A few notes as below:

  1. If there is only one clone copy of the saveset available in media pools, you don’t need to specify the clone id in the command;
  2. The option “-y” sets the date when the cloned data will become recyclable. If this option is not set, the retention for the existing saveset will be used.


For multiple saveset SSID, a PowerShell script could be used to perform multiple saveset clone as below:

#Script file: SSIDClone.PS1
$csvinput = $args[0]
import-csv $csvinput | foreach {
echo "--------start clone for SSID $_.SSID --------------"
nsrclone -b CLPool01 -J -d –S $_.SSID/$_.CloneID -y DD/MM/YYYY

echo "---------------Clone completed!----------------"

The below command will be executed:


The format for ssid.CSV is:


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